Over 180 Lakh Crore Of Debt Rated 91,059 Rating Assignments Since Inception

What We Offer

Enabling informed decisions through best-in-class tools and insights

  • Ratings One of India’s leading credit rating companies with a track record of servicing diverse sectors for almost three decades
  • Advisory and Research Providing credible, high-quality research and analytics
  • Risk Solutions Over 15 years of experience in providing Risk & Compliance solutions
CareEdge Ratings

One Of India’s Leading
Credit Rating Agencies
With A Track Record Of
Servicing Diverse
Sectors For Almost
Three Decades

Care Ratings

The industry research team tracks and publishes sector reports on an on going basis for better decisions

Get in-depth insights of
the issue

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CareEdge Ratings plays a pivotal role in developing bank debt systems and capital market instruments including CPs, Corporate Bonds and Structured Credits
  • Corporate Sector

  • Financial Sector

  • Structured Finance

  • Insurance Sector

  • Infrastructure Sector

  • Independent Credit Evaluation Of Residual Debt As Per Resolution Plan

  • Rating Of REITs/ InvITs

  • Infra EL Ratings

  • Public Finance Ratings

  • Others

CareEdge Advisory & Research

Customised Advisory
enabling decision
making for corporates

Care Ratings

Rendering financial and management advisory service for all types of projects and other
related research


Offering pragmatic solutions that are legally tenable, technically feasible, commercially attractive, and financially viable
  • CareEdge Advisory

  • CareEdge Research

CareEdge Risk Solutions

Providing Financial
Institutions With
Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

Care Ratings


CareEdge Risk solutions is a subsidiary of CareEdge Ratings with 15 years of global experience in providing cutting edge Risk & Compliance Solutions
  • IFRS

  • FRA

  • ALM

  • FTP

  • EWS

  • LOS


  • Credit Risk

  • Operational Risk

  • Market Risk

  • Risk Consulting

  • Value Added Services

  • Training & Advisory

  • Partner Products

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • 3rd Party Product Implementation

  • Credit Risk

  • Operational Risk

  • Market Risk

  • Loan Origination

  • Early Warning System

  • IFRS

CareEdge Ratings - Nepal

Evaluate Credit Risk
For Your Business
With Our Data-Centric Professional Risk Opinion

Care Ratings

Offering a range of high-quality analytical services to the stakeholders in Nepal’s financial markets


CRNL covers the rating of issuers including Insurance Companies, Asset Management Companies, and SMEs with quality and value-added services
  • Bank Loan Ratings

  • Debt Instruments

  • Issuer Rating

  • Insurance

  • IPO Grading

  • SME

CareEdge Ratings - Africa

Get Credit Risk
Evaluation Done By Professionals For Your
Business To Make More
Informed Decisions

Care Ratings

Offering a range of
high-quality analytical services to the stakeholders in Mauritian
and African financial markets


Providing a detailed analysis of risks that affect the credit quality of an issuer/entity with independent, timely, and insightful credit opinions
  • Debt

  • Bank Loan Ratings

  • Issuer Rating

  • Structured Obligation Ratings/Securitization

  • Insurance

  • SME